November 29, 2022


To gave me a great opportunity to participate an research exchange program for one month in one of my dream country BeMSA, Belgium. Actually. I don’t have enough words to describe my excitement which overflows me after this wonderful time. I went to a pleasant city called Liege and I’ve chance to join Prof. Cataldo’s research project with the title “Mechanism of mesothelioma resistance to chemotherapy”. The purpose of this project is to continue from previous research where he has found CCL5-CCR5 axis that caused mesothelioma resist to the current gold standard for chemotherapy is Cisplastin, then in this research we try to be more specific to determine which protein causes mesothelioma resistance to cisplastin. Where after this research will be able to help in the treatment of mesothelioma patients in the future. The reason I took this research was because previously I was very interested in this department, namely Oncology and Palliative and from the purpose of this research it could seem very futuristic and very useful in mesothelioma patients. During my 1 month working at the Laboratory of Tumours and Development Biology GIGA I met with humble, conscientious and of course smart. I work under the orders of my tutor Prof. Cataldo and his supervisor Laura Gerardelli, both of whom were very friendly in teaching me especially the basic laboratory techniques, which in the end I was able to do it independently. 

While in Belgium I lived in a student apartment with one of the incomings from Mexico. Incidentally, my exchange took place in July, where that month is the peak phase of summer, so at that time there were so many music festivals held, one of which was Tomorrowland, one of the biggest and grandest music festivals in the world which is held every year. BeMSA also holds a fun social program every weekend, and thanks to this I can also tour Belgium and learn about its history. I would like to especially thank to BeMSA committee who held very amazing social program and helped me a lot during my exchange time, also to CIMSA and IFMSA for giving me this great chance. I highly recommend all medical students in Indonesia to join this exchange program with SCORE, CIMSA because other than academic benefits you also can get to know medical studens from various countries.