Maret 6, 2022

Gender Based Violence Training by CIMSA FK UNAIR

School Peer Educators Recruits (SPEARS) is SCORA CIMSA UNAIR’s community development in SCORA’s issues. We educate our community which is Senior High School’s students in several senior high schools in Surabaya so that they can become peer educators, independently. The aim of our each intervention is we can serve the taboo issues and spread the awareness to our community as they are the young generation.

We put a lot of pressure on their shoulders, in order to make them become even greater than us! We are so glad that now fifth intervention has been done with our taboo issues, “Gender Equality: Against Gender Based Violence”. The main event held on February, 19th 2022 via Zoom Meeting. The concept of this intervention is an interactive and communicative talk show, we named it SPEARS Talk with our two great speakers, Alfita Choirun Amalia, S.Pd as a delegation from Youth Center SeBAYA Jawa Timur and Apriska Widiangela as a delegation from HopeHelps Universitas Airlangga. Then we had a game session as an ice breaker, we played “Guessing the Song” by its title through an online website.

For the Focus Group Discussion we had the PowerPoint template and also the cases so the community could discuss and write the result. As the theme is super fresh and taboo, we were very delighted that the community was so excited and became more talkative during the brainstorming. The theme for fifth intervention is still related to the previous intervention so the community felt linked and enjoyed the SPEARS Talk!

Last but not least, we always have challenges at the end of every intervention. For this intervention we have tasks for them that they have to make the poster containing the answers and conclusions of their discussion during the Focus Group Discussion and upload it though Google Form, on their private social media and it will be uploaded on CIMSA UNAIR’s insta story with the polling feature. For fair, we also score the poster with help from our PETRA CIMSA UNAIR. Overall, it was quite successful and we were able to have some fun! See you on our last intervention, sixth intervention!

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