Program Description

Sub-Specialty Cardiology and Vascular Medicine is a subspecialty study program and is the first in Indonesia. This study program is intended for cardiologists who have not completed or have completed a fellowship program (past learning recognition scheme/RPL) who work in specialist medical education centers. This program is perfect for cardiologist who is also a  lecturer. Cardiology and Vascular Medicine Sub Specialist Program can be completed in 44 credits taken in 2 semesters (RPL scheme) and 74 credits in 4 semesters (without fellowship). This study program has two specializations, namely Interventional Cardiology and Echocardiography. During the study, the student will be exposed with advanced cardiovascular competencies in cardiac interventions and in echocardiography.


To become an independent, innovative, leading Cardiology and Vascular Medicine Subspecialist at the national and international level, a pioneer in the development of science, technology, humanities, entrepreneurship, and the arts based on religious morality


1.) Organizing and developing academic, professional and/or vocational education with world-class excellence based on national values ​​and religious morals.

2.) Carrying out basic, applied, and innovative policy research with world-class excellence based on national values ​​and religious morals to support the development of education and community service;

3.) Dedicating expertise in the fields of science, technology, humanities with a soul entrepreneur to the community;

4.) Manage study programs independently with good governance through institutional development that is quality oriented and able to compete at the international level;

5.) Increasing the role of doctors in community service

Degree Name

Sp.JP, Subsp.KI (K) (Cardiologist-intervensionist)

Sp.JP, Subsp. Eko.(K) (Cardiologist-sub specialize in echocardiography)

Course Intensity

Full time

Study Mode

Clinical round (hospital)

Intake Period

Twice a year, every July and February

Length of Study

– 2 years (4 semesters)

– 1 year (2 semesters for post-fellowship scheme)


National : LAM PT-Kes (Lembaga Akreditasi Mandiri Pendidikan Tinggi Kesehatan Indonesia) with Good Grade