Vision, Mission and Objectives

Vision :

To become a leading study program at the national and international levels in carrying out the college tridharma and developing an entrepreneur spirit based on religious morals 



1.) Organizing and Developing Specialist Education in Ophthalmology Based on National Values and Religious Morals

2.) Conducting Basic, Applied, and Innovative Research in the Field of Ophthalmology to Support the Development of Education and Community Service

3.) Devoting expertise in science and technology with an entrepreneur spirit and humanities for eye health services

4.) Organizing the study program governance independently well through institutional development that is quality-oriented and able to compete at the national and international levels



1.) Achieve national and international recognition as an accredited Ophthalmology Specialist Study Program.

2.) Ensure continuous development of the Ophthalmology Specialist Doctor Study Program to enhance the preparedness of human resources, organization, information, and technology.

3.) Establish an Ophthalmology Specialist Study Program that excels in academics, research, and community service while fostering an entrepreneurial spirit.

Teaching Staff of Ophthalmology Specialist Study Program

Division of Vitreoretinal

Dr. dr. Wimbo S., Sp.M (K)

dr. M. Firmansjah,Sp.M (K)

dr. Ima Yustiarini, Sp.M

dr. Sauli Ari W., Sp.M(K), Ph.D

dr. Ady Dwi Prakosa, Sp.M

Division of Reconstructive Oculoplasty

dr. Ratna Doemilah, Sp.M(K)

dr. Sutjipto, Sp.M(K)

dr. Delfitri Lutfi, Sp.M(K)

dr. Susy Fatmarianti, Sp.M(K)

Division of Glaucoma

Dr. dr. Nurwasis, Sp.M(K)

Dr. dr. Evelyn Komaratih, Sp.M(K)

Dr. dr. Yulia Primitasari, Sp.M(K)

Division of Pediatric Ophthalmology

Dr. dr. Luki Indriaswati,Sp.M(K)

dr. Rozalina Loebis, Sp.M(K)

Dr. dr. Reni Prastyani, Sp.M, M.Kes

Division of Neuro Ophthalmology

dr. Gatot Suhartono, Sp.M(K)

Dr. dr. Lukisiari Agustini, Sp.M (K)

dr. Nurdin Zuhri, Sp.M

Division of Cataract and Refractive Surgery

dr. Dicky Hermawan, Sp.M(K)

dr. Indri Wahyuni, Sp.M(K)

Division of Refraction, Contact Lenses and Visual Optimization

dr. Christina Aritonang, Sp.M(K)

dr. Ria Sandy Deneska, Sp.M(K

Division of Immunology Infection

Dr. dr. Ismi Zuhria, Sp.M(K)


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dr. Frisma Sagara Brilianto, Sp.M, M.Ked.Klin (Alumni Juli 2020)

dr. Muhammad Rizqy Abdullah, Sp.M, M.Ked.Klin (Alumni Juli 2021)