Program Description

Indonesian Neurosurgery Professional Standards in 2006, the scope of the neurosurgery profession covers various diseases in the central nervous system (brain and spinal cord) and peripheral nerves including trauma to the head, spinal cord and peripheral nerves, congenital nerve abnormalities, neoplasms, neurovascular disorders, spinal disorders, degenerative nerve diseases, and neurosurgical functional disorders (pain, epilepsy,  and movement disorders). Neurosurgery services can be both emergency and elective.


The specialist education program-1 in neurosurgery at the Faculty of Medicine, Universitas Airlangga – RSUD Dr. Soetomo has historically been going on since 1984. Faculty of Medicine, Universitas Airlangga – RSUD Dr. Soetomo was appointed by the Indonesian Medical Education Consortium (CME) to be one of the 3 neurosurgery education centers because it had met the number and requirements as an education center at that time.


Theprogram of the study of specialist-1 neuroscience in UNAIR follows an internal evaluation called AIMS  (Airlangga Integrated Management System) or AMI (Internal Quality Audit) which is carried out every year. AMI is part of UNAIR’s quality assurance cycle that runs continuously with the aim of improving quality internally, especially education management directed at achieving higher education quality in a sustainable manner (Continuous quality improvement). In addition, external evaluation is also carried out through LAM PT-Kes in improving the quality and development of the neurosurgery program in Surabaya.


To be an independent, superior, leading Study Program in the field of Neurosurgery at the level. National and International in research and development of science and technology that supports the educational process, and services based on humanities, medico-socioentrepreneurship, and religious morality by 2030.


1.) Organizing Neurosurgery Specialist education based on global competence to produce excellent graduates who uphold morals and ethics.

2.) Improve the quality and quantity of basic, applied, and policy research that is innovative and recognized nationally and internationally to support education, service and service to the community.

3.) Harmabaktikan and able to develop expertise in the field of Neurosurgery and its humanities-based technology to the community by always having a national and international health outlook

4.) Developing Neurosurgery Specialist Education institutions as a form of quality-oriented institutions that are able to compete at the international level.

5.) Make a positive contribution to society in accordance with the development of the Society era and the latest Industrial Revolution through medico-socioentrepreneurship capabilities.

Degree Name

Sp.BS (Neurosurgeon)

Course Intensity

Full time

Study Mode

On campus, General Academic Dr. Soetomo Hospital, and other hospitals

Intake Period

Every January and July

Length of Study

Duration of study 5 years 6 months (11 Semesters), with The number of credits earned is 150 credits


National                : LAM PT-Kes (0423/LAM PTKes/Akr/Spe/VI/2023) with A Value (Superior)

International       : Accreditation in Engineering Computer Sciencies Natural Sciences Mathematics (ASIIN)

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