History of Clinical Pathology Specialist Program

Clinical Pathology Faculty of Medicine Universitas Airlangga was established in May 1963 by Prof. Dr. Marstio Donosepoetro, dr., SpPK. The department first occupied the laboratory in the Internal Medicine Room of Dr. Soetomo Surabaya Hospital.


Clinical Pathology FK UNAIR from 1973 to 2005 is located on the 1st and 2nd floors of the Science Building.


Clinical Pathology Unair has always been active in working, both education and service, and research to support the doctor’s education program. Services include various laboratory examinations for screening, diagnosis, therapy monitoring, and disease prognosis.

Laboratory’s examination at that time were still conducted in simple and manual ways. The first implementation of hemodialysis in Surabaya was initiated by Prof. Dr. Marstio Donosepoetro, dr., SpPK with his colleagues at Clinical Pathology Laboratory Faculty of Medicine Unibersitas Airlangga in 1974. Specialist doctors’ education is always carried out to produce doctors who are able to conduct laboratory services and can interpret laboratory’s result well, thus increasing the quality of service for patients.


The renovation of the Science Building into the Integrated Diagnostic Center Building (GPDT) was carried out from 2005 to 2008 and Clinical Pathology Study Program tempoarily occupied the ex-Kanwil Building for administration and Dharmawanita Room for laboratory services. And Now, Clinical Pathology Study Program of FK UNAIR currently occupies the 1st and 2nd floors of the Integrated Diagnostic Center Building. The 1st floor for the Sampling Room and the 4th floor for sample examinations and educational programs include lectures and practice for General Medicine, specialist doctor education programs 1, Specialist 2, S2 and S3 Medicine, and D3 Medical Analysis.


The laboratory examinations conducted today have many changes, evolving from manual examinations to automated and sophisticated examinations. The use of the tool automatically provides reliable and faster inspection results. Clinical Pathology FK UNAIR/RSUD dr. Soetomo has opened a 24-hour non-stop laboratory service with professional personnel and guaranteed validation of results.


Clinical Pathology does not stop innovating in services, education and research. An examination sample transportation technology that connects the sampling room from the outpatient and the entire inpatient room of RSUD Dr. Soetomo Hospital with the sample analysis room. This technology can speed up sample delivery times and keep sample quality in good condition. This system is used to resubmit check results to the sender room/installation.


To support the FK Unair Clinical Pathology specialist program, there are various advanced instrumentation to produce superior and quality specialists. In Clinical Pathology, there are also various advanced tools used to provide superior service and research.


Until now (2013) Clinical Pathology FK Unair has passed 163 clinic pathology specialists. The current doctor education consists of 69 PPDS participants and 22 teaching staff. Clinical Pathology FK UNAIR also conducts continuous doctor education annually, including the Suramade Symposium, the PDS Patklin Annual Scientific Meeting, and various workshops.


In the future, many challenges and opportunities will be faced by Clinical Pathology FK UNAIR. The vision of FK Unair Clinical Pathology specialist education is to become the leading medical center for clinical pathology specialists in Indonesia and Southeast Asia.


May the One God give mercy and guidance. Amin.

Vision, Mission and Objectives


“Being a leading national and international clinical pathology specialist in education, research, and community service, with competitive, superior spirit and entrepreneurship at the national and international levels based on laboratory medical knowledge, research and technology the latest moral value-based religion.”



1) Organizing and developing clinical pathology specialist education with world-class excellence based on national and moral values of religion.

2) Conducting basic and applied research in Clinical Pathology Medicine and research on innovative and up-to-date health policies with world-class excellence in accordance with ethics, national values and religious morals to support the development of education and devotion to society.

3) Devoting expertise in Clinical Pathology Science and enterprise-minded laboratory medical technology to the nation’s society and health.

4) Organize the governance of the Clinical Pathology Studies Program well through the development of quality-oriented institutions and excellence of the world class.



1) The realization of academic education and profession specializing in Clinical Pathology Science with world-class excellence (academic excellence) based on national and moral values of religion.

2) The realization of basic research and application of Clinical Pathology Medicine as well as innovative and up-to-date health policy research with innovative research excellence in accordance with the ethics, nationality and moral values of religion to support the development of education and devotion to society.

3) The realization of dharma is the expertise in the field of Clinical Pathology Science and medical technology that is entrepreneurial for the people and health of the nation (manager, care provider, decision maker, community services excellence).

4) The realization of the good governance of the Clinical Pathology Studies Program through the development of quality-oriented institutions and the excellence of the world class towards international cognition.

Strategy Goal

Strategy Goal

The strategic goal of the Clinical Pathology Specialist Program are outlined into five program themes, summarized as SMART:

1) Sustainable education for all

2) Meaningful research and community services

3) Advancing innovation, enterprise, and industry linkage

4) Responsive and lease management

5) Topping up tangible and intangible resurces utilization

1.) The management of the Clinical Pathology Science Specialist’s Educational Study Program is based on good governance principles including transparency, accountability, fairness, objective, and accountability.

2.) The Clinical Pathology Science Specialist’s Educational Study Program is managed by the Chair of the Study Program may be assisted by the Secretary of the Study Program and administrative personnel in accordance with the college regulations. In each educational institution, a local curriculum is created that refers to the standard of education of the Doctor Specializing in Clinical Pathology Science plus a maximum local charge of 20% according to the excellence of the institution.

3.) The Clinical Pathology Science Specialist’s Educational Study Program has at least an organizational structure in accordance with college regulations. The study program has strategic policy preparation, tactical and operational policy preparation, policy implementation, and internal quality guarantee system implementation.

4.) The education of the Doctor Specializing in Clinical Pathology Science was carried out following the development of science and technology.

5.) The education of Doctors Specializing in Clinical Pathology Science implemented continuous internal and external quality assurance in accordance with the laws and regulations of the college

Administration of Pamong, Governance and Cooperation



Coordinator of the study program


Responsible for and coordinating planning, implementation, monitoring, evaluation and reporting on education, community service research, and fostering academic activity in study programs.

Subject task:

1) Coordinate the implementation of all study program activities.

2) Coordinate the implementation process in the fields of Education, research and service to the community in the study program environment.

3) Planning the curriculum, education and teaching schedule at the Subspecialist program of Child Health Sciences Faculty of Medicine at Airlangga University.

4) Coordinate planning, provision and adoption of facilities and college marketing.

5) Attending meetings/ workshops on education, research and devotion to the community in the scope of FK UNAIR

6) Monitor and evaluate each educational activity according to the curriculum.

7) Make an accountable report on the performance of duties to the Dean.

8) Conduct monitoring and evaluation of subordinate performance

9) Performing other tasks from the top relevant to the implementation of the study program

Secretary of the Study Program

Assisting the duties of the Study Program Coordinator (KPS) especially in terms of education management and administration, research and devotion to the community.

Subject task
1) Assisting the duties of the Coordinator of the Study program (KPS) in planning, implementing, monitoring and evaluating educational activities, research and devotion to the community. In the study program.
2) Responsible for the administrative and financial implementation of the study program.
3) Assisting the duties of the Study Program (KPS) coordinator in preparing and preparing documents for reporting activities in the study program, as well as activities related to visibility and accreditation.
4) Representing the Coordinator of the Study Program (KPS) in meetings/locations of educational, research and devotion to the community in the study program.


Teaching Staff


Arifoel Hajat,

dr., Sp.PK(K)

Dr. Paulus B. Notopuro,

dr., Sp.PK(K)

Dr. Yetti Hernaningsih,

dr., Sp.PK(K)

Yulia Nadar Indrasari,

dr., Sp.PK

Aditea Ednawati Putri,

dr., Sp.PK


Ferdy R. Marpaung,

dr., Sp.PK(K)

M. Robiul Fuadi,

dr, Sp.PK(K)

Prof. S P Edijanto,

dr., Sp.PK(K)

Yessy Puspitasari,

dr., Sp.PK(K)

Fauqa Arinil Aulia,

dr., Sp.PK


Betty A. Tambunan,

dr., Sp.PK(K)

Dr. Hartono Kahar,

dr., Sp.PK(K), MQIH

Munawaroh Fitriah,

dr., Sp.PK(K)

Prof. Dr. Jusak Nugraha,

dr., MS, Sp.PK(K)


Diah Puspita Rini,

dr., Sp.PK(K)


Dr. Puspa Wardhani,

dr., Sp.PK(K)

Prof. Dr. Aryati,

dr., MS, Sp.PK(K)

Prof. Dr. Prihatini,

dr., Sp.PK(K)

Dwi Rahayuningsih,

dr., Sp.PK

IGAA Putri Sri Rejeki,

dr., Sp.PK(K)

Community Research and Services

Research Tree

Research Roadmap

Student Scientific Activities

Guest Lecture
Guest Lecture
Poster Contest
Morning Report
Kegiatan Praktikum S-1

Seminar, Webinar and Scientific Activities

91th AWCS "Prevention and Control of Infection in Combating Antimicrobial Resistance in Hospital"
102nd AWCS "CME-CP 2022 Continuing Medical Education, Department of Clinical Pathology Medical Faculty Universitas Airlangga Surabaya Indonesia"
112th AWCS "Overview of Flowcytometry Application in Clinical Laboratory"
Guest Lecture Prof. Dr. Narazah Mohd Yusoff, MSc., PhD. dari Universiti Sains Malaysia

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