Program Description

Heart and blood vessels are life supporting body parts that are very important to the human body. Medical science which specifically studies the heart and blood vessels is still growing until today. Therefore, a form of education is needed that can produce experts in that field. Experts in heart and blood vessel field will contribute to patient’s health and also support the development and progress of science, especially in the field of heart and blood vessels. The fields studied encompasses 8 divisions : Acute and Intensive Cardiovascular Care, Echocardiography, Arrhythmia and Electrophysiology, Interventional Cardiology, Cardiovascular Imaging, Pediatric Cardiology and Congenital Heart Disease, Vascular Medicine, Prevention & Cardiovascular Rehabilitation.


Cardiology and Vascular Medicine Specialist Study Program provides educational program to form competent and excellent cardiology and vascular medicine doctors with cardiovascular expertise. The educational program strives to produce graduates that are in line with government programs, including the adequacy and distribution of specialists throughout Indonesia. Located in the city of Surabaya (the second largest city in Indonesia) and as the eastern Indonesia’s referral center, the professional education will also provide more advanced clinical experience with many rare cases exposure.


To become an independent, innovative, leading Cardiology and Vascular Medicine Specialist Education Center at the national and international level, as well as a pioneer in the development of science, technology, humanities and arts based on religious morality.


1.) Organize and develop academic and professional education of Cardiologists and Vascular Specialists with world-class excellence based on national values and religious morals;

2.) Organize basic, applied, and policy research in the field of heart and blood vessels that are innovative with world-class excellence based on national values and religious morals to support the development of education and community service;

3.) Dedicate experts in the field of Heart and Vascular Diseases to the community;

4.) Manage study programs independently with good governance through institutional development that is quality oriented and able to compete at the international level;

5.) Increase the role of doctors in community service.

Degree Name

Sp.JP (Cardiology and Vascular Medicine Specialist)

Course Intensity

Full time

Study Mode

Universitas Airlangga (UNAIR) and Hospitals (Soetomo General Hospital and some affiliated hospitals)

Intake Period

Twice a year in February and August (in accordance to UNAIR’s academic calendar)

Length of Study

8 semesters, 140 sks (credit score)


National       : LAM PT-Kes (Lembaga Akreditasi Mandiri Pendidikan Tinggi Kesehatan Indonesia) with the grade Unggul / Superior