Airlangga University

Medical Faculty of Airlangga University was born with challenges. The condition of the country is uncertain, the number of teachers is less, the room is neglected, until the status is not clear. But all the challenges that can be passed through with passion and hard work. This historic period will be an important part in the footsteps of the Faculty of Medicine Airlangga University (FKUA). This is a challenging period. Along with the bleak government of the United Republic of Indonesia (RIS), FKUA also experienced many difficulties. Conditions of the country are being heavily aroused due to war and chaotic administration due to unstable government. In addition to difficulties regarding equipment for education, the number of students, the number of experts, to the difficulty of financing for faculty management.

After Iepang surrendered, the Dutch occupation government re-entered. The next trip, exactly September 1, 1948, by the Dutch occupation government to reopen the medical college with the name: Faculteit der Geneeskunde in Iakarta and branches of Faculteit der Geneeskunde Surabaya as Prof. A.B. Droogleever Fortuyn, an expert in Animal Science and Genetics. In 1949, expert biokirnia and physiology prof. Dr. G.M. Streef succeeds Prof. A. B. Droogleever Fortuyn. However, with the transfer of sovereignty of the Dutch Government to the Government of Indonesia, December 29, 1949, also had an impact in education. Faculteit der Geneeskunde in Surabaya (and in Jakarta) was later submitted to the Indonesian government.

Subsequently, April 1, 1950, Prof. G. M. Streef gave the post of chairman of Faculteit der Geneeskunde to Prof. Dr. M. Syaaf. During the reign of this Republic, the name Faculteit der Geneeskunde was changed to the Faculty of Medicine at Iakarta and its branch of the Faculty of Medicine of Surabaya. Thus the Government of Indonesia has three medical faculties, namely in Iakarta, Surabaya and Yogyakarta (Universitet Gajah Mada including the Faculty of Medicine has been established 1949). Faku1tetKedokteran Surabaya branch just started education and its new students at level II, most of Faculteit der Geneeskunde. Surabaya is a top priority for the establishment of a new university. Minister of Education At that time, Muhammad Yamin argued, in Surabaya there have been several supporting facilities. In East Iowa there are several laboratories and has been the center of the investigation of the sugar and plantation industries that can be a supporting system for higher education. “In Surabaya there is an infrastructure supporting colonial heritage education, namely NIAS and its equipment.

Surabaya is also the center of development of Eastern Indonesia Region. Surabaya is also the capital of East Iawa Province with a population of more than 18,000,000 inhabitants (1954). Therefore, the establishment of universities in the city of Surabaya is a responsible act and fulfill the ideals of East Iawa community and the Indonesian nation. The ideals are: By ending the struggle phase to achieve and uphold the independence, the struggle of the Indonesian nation today is entering the stage of development implementation. Development in the field of engineering, Indonesianization, economy and industrialization, the development of art and culture generally aimed at the achievement of the prosperity and greatness of the Nation and the State. For that development, it is necessary not only an infinite number of unlimited medium-sized manpower, but also a highly educated higher-ups in large numbers.

And that historic day falls on Wednesday, November 10, 1954. President of the Republic of Indonesia Ir. Soekarno inaugurated the establishment of Airlangga University. Airlangga University is the first university established by the government after the dissolution of the United States of Indonesia (RIS) and the re-establishment of the Unitary State of the Republic of Indonesia Indonesia (NKRI). [4] Its establishment is to combine the branches of two different universities in Surabaya, namely the Faculty of Medicine and Dentistry Institute branch of Universiteit van Indonesia, a federally established state branch of Surabaya, as well as the Faculty of Law of Gadjah Mada University branch established by the government of the Republic. Iadi, it can be said that the establishment of Airlangga University is the unification of two different institutions and politically opposed. It can be said that Airlangga University is a united university. This spirit of unity is what President Soekarno wants to live with in the face of various challenges and changes.

Subsequently, FKUA immediately established the flag of the faculty flown together the flags of other faculties within Airlangga University in addition to the Red and White. However, between the spirit of nationalism and independence from foreign invaders, there is still much that needs to be improved. As a newborn country and belurn a lot of experience managing universities, Indonesia has not thought about the foundation of the establishment of a university that is Un