About Master Program of Medical Education


Being a self-reliant, innovative, and leading study program, a pioneer in the inspiration and transformation of medical education, supported by the application of current research and educational technology and humanities based on religious morals



1) Conducting a master’s education with world superiority based on national and moral values of religion;

2) Conducting research and publication in innovative and collaborative medical education by utilizing current educational technologies;

3) Dedicated his expertise in medical education to pioneering transformation; and

4) Conducting self-governing quality cultural study programmes to support continuous improvement in education quality


Kurikulum S2 MPK Unair

Teaching Staff

Prof. Dr. N. Margarita Rehatta,

dr., Sp.An.KIC.KNA.KMN

Prof. Dr. Erry Gumilar D., 

dr., Sp.OG (K)

Prof. Dr. David Sontani 

Perdanakusuma, dr., Sp.BP-RE (K)

Prof. Dr. Budi Santoso, 

dr., Sp.OG (K)

Dr. Hermanto Tri Joewono, 

dr., Sp.OG (K)

Helmia Hasan, dr., 

Sp.P (K).,  M.Pd.Ked

Samsriyaningsih Handayani, 

dr., M.Kes., M.Ed., Ph.D

Fundhy Sinar Ikrar Prihatanto, 

dr., M.Med.Ed.

Fithriyah Cholifatul Ummah, 

dr., M.Med.Ed.

Guest Lecture

Rr. Titi Savitri P, dr., MA., M.Med.Ed., Ph.D

Universitas Gadjah Mada

Prof. Gandes Retno R., dr., M.Med.Ed., Ph.D

Universitas Gadjah Mada

Prof. Mora Claramita, dr., MHPE, Ph.D, Sp.KKLP

Universitas Gadjah Mada

Diantha Soemantri, dr., M.Med.Ed., Ph.D

Universitas Indonesia

Brahmaputra Marjadi, dr., MPH., Ph.D

Western Sydney University, Australia


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