Logo Meaning

Airlangga University

The symbol of Airlangga University is Garuda Mukti with Bhatara Wisnu. Symbolized as Bhatara Vishnu is King Airlangga himself, because magic, wisdom and subtlety.

Coat of Airlangga University

The symbol of Universitas Airlangga is Garuda Mukti carrying a jar that is covered by gold circle.

Why the symbol of Airlangga University instead of the image of the prince Airlangga himself, but Garuda Mukti which is actually the ride of the prabu.
This is because, at the beginning of the birth of Airlangga University, the first rector found the seal or seal prabu Airlangga, at the Arca Building, Jakarta. The seal of the Kingdom depicts the eagle birds of Bathara Vishnu (Prabu Airlangga) carrying jars containing amrta water. That said, the water is immortal. Therefore, which is used as a symbol of Airlangga University is garuda mukti, as a source of eternal knowledge.

The outside is a golden chain circle, likened to students who study at Airlangga University, which is expected to become an uninterrupted chain for the glory of the alma mater, the nation and humanity.

While the basic color of yellow and blue, beginning at the inauguration of Airlangga University, where there is a procession opening the statue of Vishnu. The sheath is yellow and blue. Then the first President of the Republic of Indonesia, the deceased Ir. Soekarno who inaugurated the University of Airlangga gave a mandate to perpetuate the statue, and in the end the color of the envelope is also set as the color of the flag of Airlangga University. Yellow means great … .. Blue sign of knight and soul deep … ..