November 25, 2021

BIFURCATIO: Bioethics for Research and Clinical Optimization

World Bioethics Day is an annual celebration that is held on every 19 October. SCORE and SCOPE CIMSA UNAIR celebrated this year’s World Bioethics Day by holding an event called BIFURCATIO: Bioethics for Research and Clinical Optimization. BIFURCATIO aims to increase understanding of bioethics and its application in the medical world. This activity is divided into three parts: pre-activity, main event, and post-event.

Pre-activity consisted of upgrading for the members of SCORE and SCOPE CIMSA UNAIR, held on 30 September and online campaign on 25 September – 1 October 2021. This upgrading session was about “Bioethics and Intercultural Learning within Research Optimization”. The sequence of online campaigns included a “True or False” Instagram stories, an interactive quiz titled “Build an Outfit” containing bioethical principles, and a teaser video. The online campaign was uploaded in Instagram and the LINE Official Account of CIMSA UNAIR.

The main event was held on 2-3 October, consisting of three events. On the first day, there was a webinar with the topic of “The Basic and Importance of Bioethics” which was delivered by a speaker from UNESCO Chair on Bioethics UGM and followed by the Focus Group Discussion session. We had four groups that discussed a study case related to bioethical controversies during the pandemic. They summarize that discussion into the powerpoints slides.

The second day there was a webinar about “The Role of Bioethics in the Research on Covid-19 Vaccines”, delivered by a speaker from Eijkman Institute for Molecular Biology. The second agenda of the day we held a talk show about “The Role of Bioethics in Management of Covid-19 Patients” and invited a representative from satgas COVID-19 Jatim and MKEK IDI. This session was moderated by an alumnus of CIMSA UNAIR. Lastly, there was a FGD presentation that was judged by two people, namely from the faculty of medicine and the faculty of law. Three groups were chosen as winners and they were rewarded with a certificate and cash prizes.

As part of the post-event, we distributed a handbook that contained a summary from BIFURCATIO’s webinars & FGD powerpoints from the best groups. The handbook was uploaded in ISSUU with the keyword “World Bioethics Day 2021: BIFURCATIO”. This ISSUU link was distributed from October 10th via WhatsApp Group, CIMSA UNAIR’s LINE Group, SCORE & SCOPE’s LINE Group. This handbook aims as a medium and a reminder for us about bioethics and its application in research and clinical settings. We hope that BIFURCATIO brings benefits to everyone who participated!


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