What The Students Says . . . ??

“Being able to study here is one of the greatest opportunity I could ever get. Airlangga University doesn’t only give me the knowledge I need to be a competent doctor, it also trains me to be a five-stars doctor.”

ANIDYA FILDZAH SHABRINA (Pendidikan Dokter 2013)

“Studying medicine in Airlangga University is one of the decisions in life that i would never regret. A campus with comfortable studying atmosphere, combined with a wide variety of non-academic activities to upgrade not oonly our hard skills, but also soft skills. Definitely is one of the best in Indonesia.”

NADYA NOOR RAMDHANIA (Pendidikan Dokter 2013)

“Faculty of Medicine in Airlangga University is one of the best faculty of medicine in Indonesia. With its best education system and lecturers give the students best experiences in learning medical theory and practice.”

DEWINTA ENGGAR PRAMESTHI (Pendidikan Dokter 2013)

“I think, going to medical college is indeed difficult, but if one perseveres and stays grateful to God, medical college can be seen as something exciting and fun. There is an adage, ‘Without labor nothing prospers’. When others see hard labor, I instead see prosperities. With that in mind, I can do every labor with ease.

RISTRA RAMADHANI (Pendidikan Dokter 2014)